Ortiz set to retire after 2016


On his 40th birthday one of the game’s best hitters announced that he will retire at the end of the upcoming season. A clutch performer and a 500 home run hitter, David Ortiz has had great memories playing the game. Well respected by his peers and his fans, the nine time all star will shut the door on a remarkable career.

Ortiz first stepped foot in the MLB making his MLB debut for the Minnesota Twins in 1997. After 6 seasons as a Twin, Ortiz signed a contract with the Boston Red Sox after being released. Ortiz would go on and be a big time contributor for the Red Sox helping them win 3 world series titles and hoping for one last one. Along the way Ortiz also earned the 2013 World Series MVP as well as 6 Silver Slugger awards. The DH/First baseman led the league in RBI’s in 2005 and 2006 and lead the American League in homeruns in 2006.

Ortiz, a native of the Dominican Republic, or  “Big Papi” has had a legendary career. The hopeful future Hall-of-Famer has completed many milestones in a Red Sox uniform. He is 27th in MLB history in home runs and is first in MLB history in homeruns, RBI`s and hits by a Designated Hitter.

To get to where Ortiz is now he went through some bumps on the road. In 2003 Major League Baseball had an anonymous drug survey and Ortiz`s name was on that list although the results were never revealed there have been some people on that list that did test positive. Ortiz is adamant that he never used PED`s. Those results are confidential and could be the reason if Ortiz enters the Hall-of-Fame or not.

The news of David Ortiz’s retirement was a sad thing for Red Sox Nation but it was a pleasure to have him around. Heading into his 20th season in the majors and 14th in Boston fans and teammates alike are ready to embrace Big Papi for one last time. Past and present teammates and coaches have nothing bad to say about Ortiz. The 40 year old DH is ready to put on a show for one last time, Red Sox Nation and others be ready to congratulate and honor a great player that has done so much for the game.



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