Jays sign J.A. Happ

The Toronto Blue Jays have once again bolstered their rotation in signing one time Jay and former Pittsburgh Pirate J.A. Happ to a three-year $36 million contract. After spending a trio of years in Toronto, Happ was dealt to the Mariners in exchange for the injury riddled Michael Saunders, and was later sent to Pittsburgh.
After being shipped off to the Pirates last season Happ was stellar sporting a 1.85 ERA and a 7-2 record in 11 starts. His FIP was a slightly higher 2.19 in his 63.2 innings of work in “the ‘Burgh”.
All but out of the David Price sweepstakes, the Blue Jays had to add a starter, and almost more importantly a lefty, to their starting rotation to replace the late-July acquisition.
The former rookie of the year candidate had a solid first stint with the Jays posting FIPs around 4.30 in each season and most impressively he had a 2.80 FIP in his first season in Canada.
The Blue Jays’ rotation shapes up as such if it were to go into 2016 as is right now:
3. Dickey
4. Happ
5. Chavez/Hutchison
Regardless of the need, you can’t help but question giving a 33-year old pitcher who had a third of a season that justifies giving him an average annual value of $13 million. At some point in the three year duration of this contract you’d have to think the money is going to become an albatross to a team that’s already tight on money.
According to the Twitter account Sportsnet Stats, Happ’s contract is the third highest deal, dollar wise, the Jays have ever given to a starter.
As Shi Davidi pointed out this move also leaves Canada’s sole team with minimal money to play with if they tender all ten remaining arbitration eligible players.


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