Red Sox sign Price; get their ace

The Red Sox have made a monster signing to complete their starting rotation. They landed the big fish getting 5-time All-Star left hander David Price. Price agreed to a 7-year contract worth $217 million that will pay him $31 million a year with the option of opting out after three years.

The 30-year old pitcher will be leaned on to lead this rotation to success. Price was stellar for the Blue Jays since coming over in the trade from Detroit with a 9-1 record through 11 games, pitching 74.1 innings with an ERA of 2.30. Dave Dombrowski is going to have a second look at David Price after being alongside him in Detroit.

With Price in Boston questions will be asked about where another pitcher will end up. Accompanying Price in the rotation would probably be Clay Buchholz, Rick Porcello and Wade Miley. With two lefties and two righties secured the fifth spot is up for grabs between Steven Wright, Joe Kelly, Eduardo Rodriguez, Henry Owens and even Brian Johnson.

Johnson would probably be in the minors and Steven Wright is a knuckleballer that would probably be in the pen. The Sox are in need of some lefties in the pen so Rodriguez could start out in the pen along with Henry Owens if he’s not in the minors, Joe Kelly has the strongest arm out of the bunch so he is bullpen material. There were times where some said he belonged in the pen. The only thing is that he went an outstanding 8-0 through August and September before getting injured and missing the rest of the season. The Boston could possibly see some of these guys go in long relief to give other pitchers a rest. Also they could be moved around or the Sox could even go with a six man rotation at some point if they don’t start the season with one.

Will Dombrowski trade someone like Hanley Ramirez to get lefties in the bullpen? The Red Sox already have Tazawa, Uehara and Kimbrel at the back-end of the pen, they currently have Robbie Ross Jr and Tommy Layne who are lefties to accompany the late inning relievers as well as righties Noe Ramirez and Brandon Workman who both could potentially start in the minors.

My Projected Starters:                      My Projected Relievers:

Price                                                        Rodriguez
Buchholz                                                Owens
Miley                                                       Ross
Porcello                                                  Tazawa
Kelly                                                        Uehara

Price is obviously the ace, Buchholz, who pitched well before getting injured last season, will be the second man after being the ace last year. Wade Miley pitched well last year so he will take over the third spot, Porcello, who was underachieving at the start of the year pitched well after returning from injury, will be fourth in the rotation. Joe Kelly will start in the fifth spot like last season with the way he finished the year he is deserving of the spot but could be replaced by Rodriguez or Owens at any point. If there is a six man rotation expect Rodriguez to slot in between Miley and Porcello. I see the Sox adding one more quality lefty to complete their pitching staff.

This Red Sox ball club has strengthened their squad, they’ve got depth, talent and good young players. If their outfield can be strong like it was at the end of last season, if Pedroia can stay healthy and everybody plays to what management expects of them then Boston can be a dangerous team and a serious contender playing with the motivation to win the World Series for David Ortiz who will retire at the end of the year.


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