Cubs sign Zobrist to a four-year deal

The Chicago Cubs have added some more depth to their roster with the signing of utilityman Ben Zobrist, they have agreed on a 4-year contract worth $56 million. The Eureka, Illinois native will enter his 11th MLB season with his fourth team in three years. He is a switch hitter that can do some serious damage to the opposing team.

Zobrist chose the Cubs over the Mets, a reason that played into his decision could have been to reunite with Cubs manager Joe Maddon, who he was playing under for many years in Tampa Bay.

Zobrist has made it clear that he would prefer to play one position and that is second base. With the Starlin Castro trade with the Yankees, it allows Zobrist to be the primary second baseman for the Cubs.

Originally drafted in the sixth round during the 2004 MLB draft by the Houston Astros, Zobrist would later be traded to the Rays or Devil Rays, as they were known as on July 12th 2006. He started out in right most of the time and also saw some time at second and short due to some injuries.

January 10 2015, Ben Zobrist was traded to the Oakland Athletics, where he would play a part of the 2015 campaign before being traded to the Kansas City Royals on July 28th. He would play at second throughout his tenure in KC, helping them win the World Series later in the season.

The Cubs will use Zobrist at second like he has asked for, they might use him in other places occasionally if needed. The Cubs keep on adding quality players to increase their depth in pitching hitting and defence, they are ready to go on another World Series run but their offseason might not be done just yet.


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