The Mets’ second base situation

The New York Mets have been out on the market looking for a second baseman to potentially replace Daniel Murphy who had an outstanding postseason. Many thought he would immediately re-sign but that was not the case.
Ben Zobrist had mentioned that he would like just to play at second base and the Mets went out to make a deal with him. Zobrist would have been an upgrade for the Mets and a solid bat to help a little if Yoenis Cespedes doesn’t re-sign with the team. Eventually the Mets would lose out to the Cubs signing a 4-year deal as mentioned in a previous article.

So would they go back to Murphy? The answer is no. Jon Niese lost his job in the starting rotation which made him trade bait for the future. Just yesterday Niese was dealt to the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for 2B Neil Walker. Walker can be an upgrade at second for the Mets. He’s got a little more pop in his bat that could be useful down the stretch.

As for Daniel Murphy his time with the Mets is most likely over. There appears to be no room for him now as it seems that the Mets are going in a different direction. It seems that a new second baseman is what the Mets wanted. Daniel Murphy will look for another option from a different team.


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