Colon re-signs with the Mets

The ageless pitcher Bartolo Colon has signed a one-year deal to remain with the New York Mets; Colon’s deal is worth $7.25 million. At the age of 42, Colon has been around a long time, playing 18 seasons while pitching for 8 teams including two stints with the White Sox and a brief stint with the Montreal Expos.

With a career ERA of 3.97, Colon has not been consistent throughout the years. He’s only had an ERA under three two times (2002 and 2013). His ERA has been over five four times (includes his rookie year in ‘97 as well as 2004, 2006 and an ERA over 6 in 2007)

His pitching isn’t solid but his hitting isn’t any better. His hitting may not be like fellow pitcher Madison Bumgarner, or anywhere near for that matter, but it is pretty funny to see him run the bases. Always entertaining and makes for a good laugh.

Colon is expected to be at the very bottom of the rotation or even in the bullpen given his numbers, age and the talent they have ahead of them in Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard. He will most probably contribute with a .500 record as seen before. He could be very dominant or not be effective at all.

This is a good depth signing for the Mets. Colon can be an effective weapon when needed and could help the team make another run at the World Series.


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