Pirates sign John Jaso

John Jaso and the Pittsburgh have come to terms on a two-year contract that is worth $8 million. Jaso, who was originally a catcher, is now in a first base/outfielder role.Jaso has been a solid depth player throughout his career. He will most certainly not be used as a catcher but he will be used at first base when playing against a right handed pitcher considering that he is their only left handed hitter at first. He will split duties with Michael Morse and Jason Rodgers.

He can also be used in a corner outfield position if needed. He will most probably start off as a bench player for the Pirates before taking on a bigger role.

When you think of John Jaso, it seems that he is just a low quality player. That is not true. With a career average of .263 in a span of seven seasons he is capable of producing offensively. Although he is not a power threat, he can get on base, or contribute with RBI’s.

Jaso is a great addition for the Pirates. An underrated player that will fit in their lineup. He is expected to be a depth piece and can do so very well.


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