Nationals sign middle infielder Stephen Drew

The Washington Nationals have signed middle infielder Stephen Drew to a 1-year $3 million contract. This deal comes with the Yankees acquiring Starlin Castro, leaving no room for Drew on their roster. For the National this deal come with Ian Desmond most likely not returning as well as the signing of 2B Daniel Murphy.

Murphy will presumably be the starting second baseman for the team while Anthony Rendon will likely be the starter at third. That leaves utility infielder Danny Espinosa and prospect Trea Turner as options at short as well as Stephen Drew.

Stephen Drew is a veteran player that can be used in the middle infield to help give people a break. There is a possibility that he might even be called upon to play third if necessary. This signing gives the Nationals lots of options as to where they play their infielders considering the fact that they have a lot of versatility with the guys they have. It also makes it easier to find replacements to give some players the night off.

Drew is a depth player at the moment. If he plays well enough he could potentially steal a spot especially at short. He can be a huge factor in the success of the team. His offensive production has not been great ever since the 2013 postseason but the potential is still there and he is still very capable to contribute defensively.

He would like to improve on his .201 average that he had last year. On the plus side he did manage to hit 17 homeruns which is second to his career high 21. This is a good opportunity for the 32-year old to prove that he still has what it takes.


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