Gordon re-signs in Kansas City

After learning that there was no chance, it comes as a surprise that the Royals have re-signed LF Alex Gordon. Gordon had denied the fact that Kansas City had no chance to bring him back. The rumor may have been started due to the fact that the two sides were not on the same page regarding the dollar value on the contract.

It has been said that Gordon could have been seeking a contract that paid him around $100 million. Instead the Royals were able to sign him to a four-year $72 million contract. One thing about this contract is that in the first year he will have a lower salary to allow the team to make some other acquisitions.

Gordon has played his entire nine-year career with Kansas City so far. With a career batting average of .269, Gordon has been a key piece to the Royals offense as well as their defence. The three-time All-Star also has four Golden Glove awards to his name.

His bat helps a good offensive team that can really hurt you if you make a mistake. Much like their whole lineup, Gordon is a threat with the bat in the second half of their batting order.

His presence on defense is an added bonus for the Royals , as the other outfielders at the moment are Lorenzo Cain, Jarrod Dyson and Paulo Orlando. He is a star in Their outfield. He is a crucial piece because the Royals didn’t have anybody on their depth chart that can do enough to be able to replace him. They would have had to also look for a spare outfielder by either exploring the market or looking within their organization.

The Royals are glad to have re-signed a key piece of their lineup. Their lineup has barely changed. As they were last year they a huge treat to other teams around the league, especially in their division as they will most likely be chased by the rest of the teams. They have have what it takes to do the same damage as they did last year.


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